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Real-time, two-way ticket translation

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Lokalise Messages for Zendesk Support and Agent Workspace

Deliver great customer experience, no matter where your customers are or what language they speak.

Lokalise Messages makes multilingual support simple

Lokalise Messages translates conversations between customers and agents in real time using neural machine translation, enabling you to instantly serve customers worldwide in their native language, regardless of what agents are available. Compatible with Zendesk Agent Workspace, Lokalise Messages allows agents to communicate in 100+ languages, managing Support and Chat conversations in the same interface.

Don't let multi-language conversations slow you down and disrupt your service operation. Deliver outstanding customer service in any language and improve your handle time, first contact resolution (FCR), CSAT, and NPS.

Key benefits

Localized customer service in real time, every time – Delight your customers by consistently serving them in their native language and improving your CSAT and NPS.

Smooth global expansion – Keep your service level, and average handle time, on target by arming agents with a real-time translator that helps them manage every interaction.

Make smarter data-driven decisions – Analyze insights on contact volume per language, to make smarter hiring decisions and feed the business with rich insights on how to prioritize expansion.

Key features

  • AI-powered neural machine translation – Real-time, two-way translation of messages.
  • Easy setup and intuitive UI – Be ready to provide multilingual service in a matter of minutes right in the Zendesk interface
  • Glossary – Make sure common industry and company terminology is correctly translated or not translated at all, with customized glossary entries.
  • Analytics dashboard – Get full visibility of customer service interactions per language with language stats dashboard and metrics.
  • Language-based routing - Detect customers’ language and route conversations to native-speaking agents.

How it works

  • Lokalise automatically detects the language of the ticket and instantly translates incoming messages to your base language.
  • Agents start internal notes with ! to have their messages translated into the customer’s language.
  • Your customers get translated replies in real-time.
  • You can change the language of the chat and your base language in the settings. It is also possible to add other languages spoken by your team as non-translatable.


Lokalise Messages for Zendesk is free; however, usage limits apply. For more pricing information you can contact us via email hello@lokalise.com


If you have any questions or need further information please contact support@lokalise.com or use our website real-time chat.

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