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Display customer Orders from Woocommerce. You can Create a ticket for an Order

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Display customer's orders and products purchased from WooCommerce in Zendesk ticket. You can automatically create a new ticket in Zendesk when an order is placed via WooCommerce.

Display WooCommerce Orders in Zendesk

Display woocommerce orders when viewing a ticket or creating a new ticket in Zendesk. WooCommerce Zendesk APP displays Order status and Items Purchased too. You can display Orders from multiple sites.

Create Ticket in Zendesk from WooCommerce Order

You can optionally create a new ticket, post a reply or private note to old ticket in Zendesk from a WooCommerce Order. Also you can send all WooCommerce order informations to Zendesk ticket.

Display Zendesk Tickets in WooCommerce Order

Display Zendesk tickets when you view any order in woocommerce. WooCommerce Zendesk APP displays ticket status too.

Why WooCommerce by CRM Perks

We make highly optimized connectors for connecting Wordpress to ticket systems and CRMs.

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