Narvar Connect and Care

Faster answers, lower costs, happier customers.

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Improve CSAT and build brand confidence by equipping agents with accurate context for order-related inquiries. Reduce costs related to WISMO and WISMR by enabling agents to see order details and real-time statuses of outbound and return shipments for agents without leaving the Connect and Care app.

Narvar Connect

Trusted by 1300+ of the world's leading brands, Narvar creates positive customer engagement beyond the "buy" button through branded order tracking, delivery notifications, returns, and exchanges.

Narvar's comprehensive post-purchase platform powers brands like Sephora, Lululemon, Gap, Levi's, Sonos, Home Depot, and Dyson – equipping them to deliver transparency, build trust, and grow customer lifetime value.

Use Narvar Connect and Care for:


* Allow customers to file a ticket directly from the Track page
  • Surface all order and shipment information directly in Zendesk from the Track page
  • Resolve up to 25% of cases by highlighting FAQ articles

Better CSAT

* Facilitate chat with live agents from the Track page with Zendesk web widget
  • Expedite order resolution in real-time
  • Build consumer confidence in your brand, increasing CSAT by up to 100 basis points

Faster resolution

* Access a 360 view of customer order and shipment information
  • Choose the support channels that work for your business: live agent chat, FAQ articles, and more
  • Decrease resolution time an average of 10% per order

Narvar Statistics

Look up status of an outbound or return shipment.

Assist customers and mitigate fraudulent claims by seeing delivery status, estimated delivery date, and when a return has already been initiated.

Narvar Quicklookup

Make it easier for consumers to get support

Allow consumers to start a chat from the Narvar Track page. Deflect tickets with knowledge base articles, and offer contextual help.

Narvar Incident manager

For more information, contact you Narvar Customer Success Manager, or visit

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