Proactive Campaigns

Follow-up targeted customer lists in bulk to solve customer issues proactively.

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Proactive Campaigns for Zendesk

  • Send automated emails;
  • Automatically add internal notes;
  • Send mass email campaigns directly from Zendesk;
  • Manage NPS and CSAT surveys;
  • Test your bulk campaigns to avoid getting to the spam folder;
  • Deliver better customer service by reaching out to customers at right times;
  • Track link openings (available with Email Tracking);
  • Keep all templates in one place;
  • Boost up your Zendesk email marketing.

Meet our core update - Email Automations

Get ready to set up automated campaigns triggered by the awesome Proactive Campaign's automation feature! You'll be sending all sorts of personalized messages to your customers based on how they interact with your business.

Add new automation

You can schedule each email to go out at the perfect time, even if you're not online 24/7. No more stressing about following up manually with new sign-ups or recent product purchasers – it's all covered!

Create and email journey

Create a private comment automatically

s in bulk via Automations!

Internal notes

Proactive Campaigns is an add-on for proactive messaging in Zendesk Support that enables you to quickly and easily send out automated bulk emails to Zendesk customer lists.

Looking for a Zendesk Connect alternative? As you know, it was closed, so we suggest using Proactive Campaigns for sending mass email campaigns in Zendesk.

Now, let’s see what else is possible with Proactive Campaigns for Zendesk:

Manage Zendesk customer lists

Choose one or multiple criteria to filter the customer database and create your Zendesk mailing list. You can use tags, custom, and standard fields to filter the right users and group them.

Customer List in Proactive Campaigns

Manage Ticket lists

In the same way, segment your audiences by tickets and send out personalized Zendesk proactive tickets to targeted lists in chosen tickets.

Add ticket list PC

CSV user import

Import a specific list of contacts into the plugin right when creating Zendesk campaigns. And to make sure the relations between your contacts’ info are preserved, there is a field mapping feature.

Add CSV file

Bulk ticket creation and ticket management

Once you’ve launched the email campaign or automations, Proactive Campaigns will automatically start raising tickets on customers’ behalf and deliver them as emails.

Besides, you can update existing tickets instead of creating new ones, delete all tickets in bulk after emails are sent or even send campaigns without ticket creation. That will help to avoid ticket overflow.

Email formatting and templates

Add formatting allowed by Zendesk to your email body with the Rich text editor and Source code editor. Moreover, you can upload attachments up to 40 MB in size to any of your emails and add default or custom email templates. Besidese save any email as a template on the separate page for simple management.

Text editor in Proactive Campaigns

Collect feedback and ratings

Besides, create feedback and ratings to create an insightful collection about your product or service. After launching such a campaign, the customer can type their feedback or rate your company. Then Proactive Campaigns collect their replies and compile them into a list or pie chart.

Rating and feedback


Set a specific time and date for your campaigns.

Schedule email campaigns

Custom ticket assignment

Easily select who needs to be put in charge of all the tickets created during the campaign.

Run campaigns in the background

Run a few campaigns even with closed tabs. Go about your day while Proactive Campaigns is sending emails.

Automatic response tracking

Replies from your customers will be automatically picked up by Zendesk. All information is kept in one place and you can find it by automatically created tags.

Email Notification

Report page

Analyze the whole email performance to see your strengths and weaknesses.

App Statistics Proactive Campaigns

Integration with Email Tracking app

We suggest using Proactive Campaigns together with Email Tracking to gain better results in email marketing.

  • See how many emails were opened and the exact time of opening;

  • Check extended statistics and use device tracking with all advantages of both apps;

  • Send follow-up messages not only for those who didn't reply but for those who opened your emails or not;

  • Track link opens

Link Tracking Proactive Campaigns

Try the app without no doubts! And if you have any questions about Proactive Campaigns, we’d be happy to answer them.

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