Droz Bot

The chatbot platform for automated and personalized multichannel support.

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Stop worrying about the high volume of after-hours requests by offering 24/7 and personalized customer self-service. Droz bot smoothly integrates with Zendesk, allowing you to create, deploy, and manage intelligent bots customized to your own rules, fields, labels, triggers, and automations.

Key features

  • Multichannel integration: build your bots in any channel your customer needs, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and many others
  • 24/7 availability: chatbot service available at any time to support multiple customers simultaneously
  • Chatbot conversation flow: design conversation flows to guide visitors through branched dialogue
  • Analytical reports: monitor your KPIs in combination with qualitative and quantitative metrics
  • Easy to connect: receive and send information from your systems via Rest API
  • Zendesk integration: Droz bot automatically creates a ticket into your Zendesk every time it interacts with a customer, so your team can keep track of resolved and unresolved requests
  • Chabot-to-Human handoff: whenever necessary, Droz bot can handoff queries to a human agent in a seamless and conversational flow for your customers
  • NLP: using artificial intelligence, the Natural Language Processing facilitates communication between machines and humans. Learn more Visit our website to learn more about these and other features to help you elevate your digital experience: https://meudroz.com/droz-bot/?lang=en

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