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Transfluent for Zendesk

Delight your customers by answering them in their own language with the Transfluent for Zendesk app. Translations are available at the click of a button inside the Zendesk interface.

Dealing with your customers in their own language will strengthen your long term relationship. The Transfluent Zendesk app helps your business grow by letting you add new languages to your support team or increase resources in those you already support. It makes for a better and faster customer support experience increasing your first contact resolution.

Transfluent for Zendesk requires a subscription. All plans have a 14 day free trial!


  •   Integrated The translation option becomes a part of the familiar Zendesk ticket environment for your customer support team. No clicking away to another section or changing windows.

  •   Easy to use Tickets are translated to English automatically when they arrive in the Zendesk workspace. Write your response in English and it is automatically and immediately translated back to the customer's language when you send it. Alternatively, you can choose to review the translation before the message is sent. As easy as that!

  •   Customizations The app can translate specific words or phrases in a certain way you define. For example, ensuring a product name is never translated and is always left in its original form.

  •   AI learning The translation quality is monitored by humans and the app will start learning from your replies immediately. The more you use it, the more the AI will learn to better mimic your company style and tone with its translations.

  •   Starting from 99€/month Clear and affordable pricing structure where you pay a low fee based on your usage. If your team handles a high volume of monthly tickets, please contact our sales team for a custom pricing solution. Read more from here

  •   Simple setup Installation is as straightforward as clicking ‘Install’ from inside the Zendesk marketplace. There are no tricky settings to input.

  •   77 languages supported Huge international coverage with translations available for 77 languages.

Your customers can email you in any language and it will be translated into English for your support team.

What do our customers say about Transfluent’s customer service translation solution?

Don’t listen to us though, here’s what companies like yours say about using the Transfluent app for Zendesk:

“We needed to make sure the quality of translations were very close to 100%. We were surprised! The quality was even better than we expected and we were able to move forward faster than we thought.” Jonas Nordberg, Support Manager, Sympa

Creating a customized glossary

Every company has certain phrases they like to use or words they want to be translated in a particular way in order to deliver a consistent customer service experience to all their customers.

We can help you create these if you don’t have them available or, if you already have them, we can assist you insert them into your Transfluent account. For more information on how to do this please contact

Scale-up and manage your support team

Hiring a new team member for every language you want to support is an expensive process. Then what do you do when they’re on holiday or off sick? With the Transfluent Zendesk app, you can start offering support in those languages straight away. Even if you do have the language resource available, you can rely on Transfluent when they are out of the office, or in busy times when your agents need extra help.

The system can also be used to support new team members, even when their manager doesn’t speak the same language. The translation tool can help ensure customers are being assisted in your company’s voice and identify when a team member needs some extra guidance.

How does it work?

The Transfluent app is the effortless way to high-quality multilingual customer support.

Once you’ve installed the Transfluent app from the marketplace, it’s integrated into your Zendesk interface. Then:

Step 1: Open a customer ticket that has been sent in another language. The Transfluent app will automatically translate it into English. You don’t need to do anything! Step 2: Compose your reply in English. Step 3: Send the reply and it will automatically be translated back into your customer’s language. You can also choose to review the translation before it is sent.

It’s fast and a natural part of the working environment of your customer agents.

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