Alterra Answers

AI for customer support. Instantly resolve Tier 1 tickets.

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Alterra Answers

AI for customer support. Instantly resolve Tier 1 tickets.

Alterra Answers

Alterra Answers can instantly resolve about 20% of your support tickets by finding answers in your macros or Zendesk Guide.

Alterra bot is powered by the most accurate question-answering engine in the industry. Typically, it can deflect up to four times more tickets than other customer service chatbots.

The bot finds answers based on meaning - not keywords. When a customer files a ticket, Alterra Answers uses Deep Learning to understand the meaning of the question and instantly matches it to the right macro or article in your knowledge base.


  • Improve customer satisfaction by shortening time to resolution;

  • Provide 24/7 automated intelligent support;

  • Automate repetitive tasks and free up your agents to handle more difficult cases;

  • Reduce support costs.

How it works: Alterra Answers can operate either fully autonomously, in an auto-pilot mode, or together with your agents, in a co-pilot mode.

In the auto-pilot mode, the bot can automatically resolve Tier 1 tickets, even when your team is away. When the bot can find the answer in your knowledge base, it replies to customers almost immediately. If the customer is satisfied with the answer, the ticket is solved. Otherwise, the ticket is re-assigned to a human agent.

In the co-pilot mode, Alterra Answers works in tandem with your agents, suggesting answers in the Ticket Sidebar on agents’ desktop and thus helping them to resolve more tickets faster.

Code-free setup: Setup couldn’t be easier. Just click Install and it will appear in your Zendesk Support account. Training the bot requires neither coding nor manual data entry. Alterra Answers pulls the required information from your Zendesk knowledge base and converts it into an intelligent question answering bot. It is ready to start working on day one. With time the system learns from its own mistakes and gets even smarter.

Learn more and schedule a free demo here:

To build a more robust support experience, consider complementing Alterra Answers with Alterra Help Center Search, a cognitive search engine that significantly improves the accuracy of your Help Center search.

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