Search for and create content in Bloomfire from the comfort of your Zendesk portal.

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The Bloomfire app for Zendesk intelligently analyzes your ticket content and recommends helpful content from your Bloomfire community. Harness the power of your knowledge base and ensure that your agents are well equipped to answer customer questions quickly and consistently.

Agents can click to view recommended content, search for specific content, and link Bloomfire content to each ticket for future reference and easy reporting - all from within the Zendesk portal. If they don’t find the content they’re looking for, agents can easily contribute content directly to the Bloomfire community. All of this happens directly within you Zendesk portal, making it super easy for your agents to find and share the information they need to do their jobs.

Note: the Bloomfire app is free to download, but requires a Bloomfire community and a subscription to the Zendesk integration functionality to use. Contact for more information.

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