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Embed voice and SMS communication capabilities into your Zendesk dashboard. Streamline workflows, automate manual tasks, and track conversations with ease.\nTry JustCall for free. Click here to get started with your 14-day free trial in under 5 minutes.\n\nAbout JustCall\nJustCall is a cloud phone and SMS system that comes packed with advanced capabilities like automation, integrations, and analytics. It ensures productive experiences for agents, sales reps, and managers. With JustCall-Zendesk integration, you can supercharge your CRM with contact center features.\n\nWhat can you do with JustCall-Zendesk Integration?\nJustCall offers a versatile and quick integration with Zendesk that can enhance the Zendesk experience for your customer-facing teams. Now work more efficiently with easy-to-use call center capabilities and various features like click-to-call, auto-logging, IVR, SMS logging, power dialer, and more. Here are some of the functions you get with JustCall-Zendesk Integration:\n1) Make & receive phone calls within Zendesk\nGet click-to-call buttons to connect with your contacts in seconds. Our native app for Zendesk also appears next to your tickets and contacts so that you don't have to change screens or move away from your tickets.\n2) Send text messages with a click, run bulk SMS campaigns\nGet a click-to-text button on your Zendesk dashboard. Ramp up your outbound and inbound campaigns with text messages. You can even import your contacts to JustCall from Zendesk to send a text broadcast (bulk text message).\n3) Track your activities, call recordings & voicemails\nView your daily interactions with contacts and keep track of every activity – automatically. Easily listen to previous calls and voicemails. Gain context and navigate conversations.\n<b>Playable call recording is available only to agents with “Talk - Partner Edition” seats</b>\n4) Auto-sync your Zendesk contacts with JustCall\nNo more manually taking phone numbers from one app to another. It’s done on auto with JustCall-Zendesk integration.\n5) Convert calls from unknown numbers into contacts (optional)\nYou can capture incoming calls from prospective leads and convert them into New Zendesk contact.\n6) Log calls and texts under the same ticket\nJustCall doesn’t create new tickets on Zendesk unnecessarily. We like to keep things simple and the dashboard uncrowded. Your calls are logged back under the same ticket from where they originated. Our systems are designed to log your incoming and outgoing text messages with a customer under a single ticket. A new ticket is not raised for every incoming or outgoing text message.\n7) Powerful call & text analytics\nYou can track calling and texting activities on the agent level directly from your Zendesk account. In addition, get access to detailed analytics from your JustCall dashboard.\n\nWhat more do you get with JustCall?\n1) Local phone numbers available in 70+ countries\nExpand in international markets with business phone numbers people recognize & trust.\n2) Integration with 100+ business tools\nIn addition to Zendesk, integrate JustCall with tools like HubSpot & Salesforce. Create custom workflows in minutes.\n3) Multichannel conversations\nSend bulk SMS & MMS. Run text message drip campaigns on auto. Leverage SMS bot.\n4) Value at every step\nFrom affordable pricing to faster speed-to-value, JustCall optimizes your ROI with improved agent productivity & customer engagement.\n5) Hassle-free migration\nAlready using a different cloud phone? Migrate easily with end-to-end support from our experts.\n6) World-class support\nHave a dedicated account manager to address all your needs. Find help by your side all the time.

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