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Surveypal is an AI powered customer intelligence platform that enables you to turn every single support interaction into actionable insights to improve contact center performance and elevate the customer experience.

There are multiple sources from which you can derive customer service insights:

  • Customer feedback

  • Ticket data


With over 16 years of experience in the feedback management space, our AI engine digs into your structured and unstructured Zendesk data to identify customer pain points, efficiency bottlenecks and cost centers and transforms the findings into insights you can use to drive meaningful change.

Lead and scale operations

Surveypal integrates real-time and historical data from all your support channels to identify trends, patterns, anomalies, and possible issues in your day-to-day service desk operations and sends you notifications to keep you in the loop.

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Customer Satisfaction Insights

Supercharge your Zendesk customer satisfaction surveys with Net Promoter ® Score and get insights straight from your NPS reporting!

Open feedback analysis

Perform text, topic, and sentiment analysis automatically and turn your open customer feedback into insights.

  • Tap into open feedback data, visualize it, and enhance your understanding of metrics and KPIs

  • Link customer feedback to assigned agent

  • Discover how your customers really feel about your brand

Conversation analysis

Capture and analyze customer conversations to contextualize your qualitative support data.

  • Analyze the language and content of your support tickets

  • Examine every customer service request in relation to its type and other data associated to it to identify efficiency bottlenecks and the underlying reasons of recurring issues

  • Go beyond word clouds and keywords to derive support request context

Predictive customer service analytics

Use your existing customer data to forecast customer satisfaction (CSAT):

  • Leverage your customer data to gauge how those customers who do not provide feedback feel about their support experience

  • Supplement or enhance your existing feedback data

  • Predict and forecast customer behaviour, needs, and potential issues

Cost Analysis

Leverage data to reduce customer service costs without compromising support quality.

  • Spot cost deviations and the reasons that cause them

  • Figure out what is your cost per contact

  • Breakdown cost per contact by channel, team, contact reason, etc.

  • Pin down which communication channels to prioritize


Your data belongs to you – we’re here to help you understand it better

  • Privacy compliant (GDPR, CCPA, etc.)

  • Surveypal is 100% cloud-based

  • Trusted by +600 companies around the world

Learn more about security & privacy at Surveypal

Drive support performance and improve the overall experience without missing a beat

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