ZohoSign for Sell by OAppS

Sign your contracts and sales paperwork directly from your Zendesk Sell hub

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The inclusion of the Zoho Sign extension within Zendesk Sell empowers users to conveniently handle their commonly utilized sales documents, including NDAs, sales agreements, invoices, and more, without the need to leave Zendesk Sell.

This integration allows sales teams to sign, send, and manage these documents directly from within the Zendesk Sell platform. Furthermore, sales teams can effortlessly track the progress of these documents, eliminating the need to navigate away from their Zendesk Sell account.

By integrating these two applications, sales teams can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent switching between platforms to send documents for customer signatures. Instead, they can perform these actions seamlessly from the contact and company tabs within their Zendesk Sell account.

This streamlined process enables sales teams to expedite deal closures and enhance overall efficiency.

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