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FactBranch inside Zendesk Sell displaying data from an SQL database

FactBranch loads additional contact data from your database, spreadsheet or JSON API. Install our Zendesk app to display results in the lead, company, person and deal sidebars.

Pick a data source to get started

Search by Zendesk Sell fields

Search by email address, phone number or any custom field you've defined for your contacts, leads or deals.

Loads fresh data for every request

FactBranch runs your query every time a sales rep looks at a lead, deal or contact in Zendesk Sell. There are no caching or syncing intervals with FactBranch and it always shows the freshest data directly from your database.

Getting started is easy

  • Test and roll out FactBranch within minutes.
  • Try FactBranch free for 14 days - no credit card required.
  • Display results in our app in Zendesk Sell.

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Also available for Zendesk Support and Chat

FactBranch is also available for Zendesk Support and Zendesk Chat.


Our customers love our great support. Have a question before starting your trial? Email support@factbranch.com today.

FactBranch connects to a wide range of data sources

FactBranch connects to different database engines and people use FactBranch to show PostgreSQL data in Zendesk Sell, connect MySQL or MariaDB to Zendesk Sell or display Microsoft SQL Server data in Zendesk Sell.

You can also connect to Amazon Aurora or Redshift via our MySQL and PostgreSQL integrations; to spreadsheets like Google Docs, connect Zendesk Sell and Google Sheets; and to a compatible JSON API. Coming soon: MongoDB in Zendesk Sell and Zendesk Sell connected to GraphQL.

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