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Manage Stripe subscriptions, payments and invoices within Zendesk Sell

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This beautifully simple app saves you time and money by providing a complete view of Stripe customers, subscriptions, payments and invoices within Zendesk Sell. You can perform important actions without the need to juggle multiple platforms or perform manual searches, allowing you to quickly and effectively respond to prospects or existing customers.

Simply start a free 7 day trial to seamlessly integrate Zendesk with your Stripe account.

Contextual information when it's needed

The app will present the customer associated with the user in Zendesk by default, but you can search for and view other customers at any time.

Access contextual information from Stripe within your Zendesk account

The app provides convenient access to:

  • Active and canceled subscriptions

  • Payments of all status types (payment intents or charges)

  • Payment methods

  • Invoices

  • Pending invoice items

  • Customer history, invoice credit balance and MRR

  • Other customer records that match the Zendesk user information

  • Customer contact details

  • Billing details

  • Shipping details

  • Customer metadata, as identified in app settings

  • Tax status and IDs

Additional details like refund amounts, discounts and links to hosted invoices are provided through tooltips and action menus throughout the app

Enterprise-grade features without the price tag

Because common actions can be performed within Zendesk without the need to switch tabs, you'll be able to focus on providing more valuable responses and maintaining your important customer relationships.

Update customers, payments, invoices, subscriptions and more within Stripe

This powerful app allows you to:

  • Create, authorize and capture payments

  • Cancel and refund payments, in part of in full

  • Update the trial period for subscription

  • Apply coupons to subscriptions

  • Pause and resume payments on subscriptions (recurring payments)

  • Cancel subscriptions immediately or at the end of the current period

  • Reschedule subscription cancelation or prevent a cancelation from going ahead

  • Refund the last subscription payment or a prorated amount

  • Create new invoices

  • Delete draft invoices

  • Update the status of open invoices

  • Adjust the invoice credit balance in a variety of currencies

  • Send links to hosted invoice pages and downloadable PDF tax invoices

  • And and edit credit cards on file

  • Delete payment methods

  • Change the default payment method for customers

  • Create new customers

  • Update customer account information

  • Update a customer tax statuses and IDs

  • Search for customers within Stripe

  • Link a customer to a ticket

  • Click to view customers, subscriptions, payments and invoices in Stripe

  • Link subscriptions, payments and/or invoices to a ticket, allowing you to create powerful trigger and automation-based workflows

With much more on the way.

For complex invoicing workflows Zapier or another no-code automation tool can be used to update the ticket or user in Zendesk once an invoice has been paid using metadata passed to Stripe by our app.

Our simple pricing gives you access to all features for a flat rate of $4.95 per agent, per month. There are absolutely no additional or hidden fees and you'll benefit from all new features as they're released. Start with a free 7 day trial to see how much more efficient you can be with Stripe and Zendesk working together seamlessly!

One more thing...

If your customers self-serve using a Zendesk Guide Help Center you may also be interested in our range of beautiful and premium Zendesk themes. They allow you to help improve overall customer satisfaction and minimize churn.

If you have questions or thoughts about how to improve this app, please contact us as we value your feedback. We can also build custom apps and themes for Zendesk if you have special requirements.

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