Systran Translation for Chat

Add AI-based Neural Machine Translation to your Zendesk Chat.

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  • Enable your agent to communicate instantly in multiple languages, with no changes to their workflow. Systran Translation for Chat allows your team to instantly read incoming messages from customers around the world.

  • Support and communicate with customers in their own language using automatic AI-based neural machine translation, enhancing native language agents' capabilities to support chat by text communications.

  • Customize multilingual communications using SYSTRAN custom linguistic profiles which provide in-domain translations for specific industries and allow custom terminology to adapt to the voice-of-the-customer.

  • Communicate with customers in real time in their own language, while enhancing the reach of your native-language agents.

Key features
  • Agent setting language is detected automatically.

  • Translations are automatically added to chat when the chat is opened, all chat messages will be translated to the agent's language.

  • Automatically detect customer language. Agents can write messages in their language then click the translate button to translate their message to the customer's language.

  • Have the ability to change an agent's language or customer’s language to translate chat to a specific language. When the agent’s language is changed, the chat will be translated to the new changed language.

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