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Manage Square customers, orders and subscriptions inside Zendesk Chat

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ChargeDesk is on a mission to improve billing support. Our bespoke Square integration is the most advanced and powerful solution for managing Square data right next to Zendesk Chat conversations.

Square by ChargeDesk lets you instantly view every customer's billing history next to chat conversations, then perform key actions such as refunding orders and cancelling subscriptions.

You can enable access for your entire company, or select individual support agents to manage customer data. Our powerful role system allows you limit specific actions (such as refunds) to individuals or groups of agents. Our detailed reporting system gives lets agents see a history of actions against a customer and lets you see the most common reasons for refunds and cancellations.

Zendesk Chat Features

  • Manage Square orders next to chat conversations
  • ChargeDesk's powerful algorithm automatically matches customer data to chat conversations instantly
  • Search Square data inside Zendesk using customer names, email addresses, order descriptions and even the last 4 digits of a customer's card
  • Refund Square orders
  • Cancel Square subscriptions
  • Edit customer details including adding VAT numbers

Beautiful Notifications

  • Notify customers when orders are refunded, subscription is cancelled and many, many more events
  • Send PDF invoices to your customers on successful payment
  • Show tax information based on your customer's country (VAT & GST compliant)
  • Customers can add their tax ID to their own invoices
  • Replies to receipts are sent to your helpdesk with billing details attached
  • Use our mobile app to be instantly notified of events in your account

Detailed Reports

  • View and download activity reports on broken down by agent
  • Log reasons why refunds and cancellations were performed
  • View a graph of revenue including a breakdown by product
  • See all outstanding and paid invoices
  • Generate a Tax Summary for financial reporting
  • Download historic invoices in bulk

Further Information

Launched in 2014, ChargeDesk helps thousands companies provider better billing support for millions of customers. We'd love for you to join us as well!

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