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We supercharge Customer Service through Artificial Intelligence

e-bot7 develops and integrates artificial intelligence for your customer service.

Our system analyzes incoming messages, forwards them to the right department, and provides agents with smart answers during the operational business.

The Zendesk Integration allows you to:

  • Use the e-bot7 functionalities inside the Zendesk platform.

  • Quickly access customer support knowledge from your connected e-bot7 org inside the Zendesk console.

  • Automate answers and processes by getting out-of-the-box answers by using our Answer Candidate Plugin. This reduces your average handling times, increases sales, and saves up to 80% of costs.

Product Highlights

AI Training

We connect to your existing CRM console and train convolutional neural networks based on historical support tickets.

Structural Intelligence

After integrating our technology, every message or email goes through our model which predicts valuable meta-data and routes it to the right department. This helps your agents to serve your customers in a smarter and effective way.


The Agent+AI model suggests the best answers to your agents and automatically sends them if a certain confidence level is exceeded.

Product Description

Reduce Average Handling Time and Costs

E-bot7 analyses incoming tickets and customer support requests. By tagging messages in the right categories and sending them to the right department, e-bot7 can increase agent capacity by 80%. In addition, the AI learns from every customer interaction, so it will improve its intelligence over time.

Automate Recurring Questions

With e-bot7 you can automate repetitive and recurring questions, allowing you to concentrate on more complex tasks and solve unexpected volume spikes with ease. You can offer customer service 24/7, 365 days a year.

Boost Employee and Customer Satisfaction

Agents can automate routine tasks, eliminate reappearing questions, and focus on bringing the best experience to customers. Your agents will love their new AI co-worker.

Consolidate your Knowledge Base

By providing the right answers to your support agents in their CRM console, they no longer have to copy and paste from word or excel documents or send pre-made templates or knowledge base items.

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