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Are you the kind of manager that likes to take responsibility? Then this app is definitely for you!

★ Core Features

Proactive Messages lets you create tickets in bulk in Zendesk Support, works for all channels that allow outbound conversation starts.

Audiences is the feature to let you group people in Zendesk Support.

Zendesk’s Rich-text Editor is used to write messages to your customers. No need to learn a new way to compose a message.

★ Usecases

E-commerce — delayed orders, product faults and received returns

IT Support & Services — server maintenance, EAPs and service disruptions

Subscription Businesses — retention messages, churn recovery, proactive updates

Delivery — delays, changes and delivery updates

Finance — recurring information preparations and payment issues

★ Audiences, find the people you need to reach

Audiences, find the people you need to reach

Search Users gives you the opportunity to use Zendesk’s Search engine to find all the users you need. All search properties are supported.

Search Organizations lets you find organizations that have certain properties. Whether it’s a server or a product they are using. Find the organizations, and the connected users.

Upload Users puts all control in your hand. Receive a CSV file from another team, and map the columns to user properties in your Zendesk on-the-spot. Also allows you to create Campaign Placeholders.

Select Segment is a way to use pre-saved audiences of any the options available to find the users you want to reach.

Learn more about Audiences →

★ Write

Write, with Zendesk Rich Text editor

Zendesk’s Rich-text Editor No need to learn a new editor. Use the ones you're already familiar with. We even added a couple of extras like searchable placeholders, all your ticket field placeholders and dynamic content placeholders.

Apply Macro Add pre-written text, add custom values to your fields, set forms, set statuses, do everything you can do with Macros. Also integrates with other apps like Macro Assistant →

Use native ticket forms and fields Choose the ticket properties for the Proactive Message. Also works with native conditionality in forms. Additionally Campaign Placeholders also work in custom fields.

Multi language (Enterprise only) Inform people in their own language. Works with all audience types. Same language, then there's the feature Copy From other language.

★ Other

Templates (Enterprise only - Zendesk Sunshine Required) Repetitive Processes? Use Templates, and pre-configure an entire Proactive Message. Works with all Audiences, and even pre-configure columns for import.

Review Related Tickets (Enterprise only) Improve speed and decrease workload. Find less than solved tickets from people you've informed with a Proactive Message. Review these tickets, and assess to solve them in bulk.

Built by Sparkly. 7 day free trial included. Free for sandbox accounts. Sparkly, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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App details

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Ticketing System
Price (USD)
Multiple plans available

Apps install directly into your account

Plans and pricing


Free 7-day trial, then $49.00 per month

  • Apply macro
  • Create tickets thru search
  • Rich comment editor
  • Maximum 1k tickets per campaign

Free 7-day trial, then $99.00 per month

All features from Team

  • Create tickets thru import + audiences
  • Problem/Incident Relation
  • Internal note start
  • Edit macro
  • Ticket properties
  • Maximum 5k tickets per campaign

Free 7-day trial, then $249.00 per month

All features from Professional

  • Maximum 15k tickets per campaign
  • Multi language
  • Templates (Sunshine required)
  • Review Related Tickets
  • Access management

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