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Coefficient Integration Overview


Streamline your reporting for free by connecting Google Sheets to your Zendesk data. Build automated ad hoc analysis, reports and dashboards using your live Zendesk data in the fastest, most flexible way in a tool you're already familiar with - your good old fashioned spreadsheet.

Customer-facing teams use Coefficient to increase productivity. Teams take ad hoc analysis to the next level by speeding up their reporting across all tickets, making it easy to view and analyze key information about your customers, and your support resources. Using the Coefficient UI, teams can build unlimited custom reports without ever leaving Google Sheets.

Go beyond manual imports by creating custom alerts for Slack / email and automating your operational reports that are built in spreadsheets, removing the need to copy/paste or manually enter data.

## Integration Features

Custom Report Builder

Keep your spreadsheets performant and clean by creating imports with only the data you need.

  • Full flexibility to work with any of your ticket data

  • Customize any report by adding/removing columns and preserve formulas when new data is added.

  • Add new fields to an existing report without creating a new data import

  • Import pre-existing Zendesk views to simplify your workflow

Automated Updates

Keep your data up to date on any schedule and say goodbye to stale data.

  • One-click refresh any time you need the latest data.

  • Schedule updates hourly, daily or weekly.

  • Build your analysis once and power your spreadsheet with always-live data. Make any of your ad hoc or operational reports reusable without leaving your spreadsheet.

Custom Notifications

Automatically notify your team when critical changes happen in your business, delivering only the relevant data that has changed.

  • Trigger a Slack or email notification when data changes

  • Update your team when new data is added to your Sheet, such as a new NPS submission

  • Send a daily or weekly digest of the changes you care about

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