Quantifying the business impact of customer service in Singapore

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Customers will inevitably contact customer support in search of answers for their questions–that’s a given, but it’s how and when your company resolves these support inquiries that will impact their future purchases. To better define the connection between the customer service expectations and buying behavior, Dimensional Research set out to quantify the business impact of customer service.

Watch this webinar, detailing the recent findings on Singaporean consumers from Dimensional Research. The study found that 86% of Singaporean consumers say good customer service changes their buying behavior, compared to 94% of consumers that say bad customer service changes their buying behavior.

Here are some additional insights we’ll cover in the webinar:

● How customer service impacts long-term revenue
● Why customer service requires a wide range of channels
● The growing popularity of channels other than email & phone
● The changing expectations for good customer service across different generations

Understanding these trends can empower you and your support team to exceed your customers’ expectations.

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Scott Morris

VP of Integrated Campaigns at Zendesk

Diane Hagglund

Founder and Principal of Dimensional Research