Expert Roundtable: How AI Creates Better, Proactive Customer Experiences

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From chatbots to intelligent recommendation engines, AI has helped speed up customer service for both customers and agents. This has accelerated many once-repetitive or even tedious aspects of customer service…but what’s next?

Join thought leaders from Zendesk and our leading AI partners, Ada, DigitalGenius, and Guru, and get an insider look on where we are now with AI – in the context of customer experience – and where things may go.

In this roundtable-format webinar, you will:

● Gain an understanding of how AI is helping agents provide better customer service
● Hear success stories where AI is used to create delightful experiences
● Get these experts’ perspectives on upcoming trends and predictions

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Rick Nucci

Rick Nucci is the co-founder and CEO of Guru. Rick brings twenty years of experience in creating category-leading software solutions and companies. Before Guru, Rick was the founder and CTO of Boomi, which Dell acquired in 2010. Rick ran the Boomi business at Dell as its general manager, helping grow the organization into an industry leader.

Mike Murchison

Mike Murchison is the CEO of Ada, which he co-founded after answering tens of thousands of customer service inquiries manually. Today, Ada's AI-powered platform empowers non-technical teams at companies like Coinbase, Square, and UpWork to automate millions of customer conversations every month.

Mikhail Naumov

Mikhail Naumov is the Co-founder and President of DigitalGenius, the AI Platform for Customer Service. He is the author of