Call center email management

Use call center email management to connect with customers on a call center solution

Rule number one: Listen to your customers. A contact center trained to listen to your customers will help your company stay ahead of your competition and provide the information you need to innovate and improve. Despite the rising popularity of social media as a support channel, email remains a popular choice for many customers seeking help.

Zendesk Support multichannel ticketing support allows teams to administer call center email management from Zendesk Talk phone support -- the same family of products used to manage all other customer conversations.

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Talk is a cloud-based call center software solution. Customer service agents have the right tools to keep phone support running smoothly, like full customer history, automatic ticket creation, and call recording.Talk allows agents to focus on conversations instead of workflow and we've made it even easier for you to manage and organize all your email addresses, so no customer communication slips through the cracks. Talk makes your emails more personal and allows for complete customization to remove any robotic feel from your communication.

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Easy to set up and use, Talk technology helps organizations:

  • Agentenproduktivität steigern
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Reduce costs

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Call center email management is a single, powerful, and easy-to-use Talk feature that will enhance the customer experience. Get started with your free trial and communicate with Zendesk Talk today!