Customer Relationship Software

Better business through customer relationship software

What is customer relationship software?

Customer relationship software enables customer relationship management (CRM), the deepening of the relationship between a company and its customers. CRM covers the company's processes and systems for understanding and improving interactions between employees and customers.

Zendesk makes software for improving customer relationships through better communication and service all along the customer lifecycle.

Management of customer relationships

Instead of looking at the relationship with the customer through individual snapshots, CRM software takes a multichannel approach. It is designed to nurture leads, retain customers and boost sales through an overview of all points of contact including phone calls, marketing collateral, customer service records, web visits, social media and direct mail.

Sales teams and marketing management teams are the most frequent users of CRM software. They mine it to analyze purchasing patterns, optimize marketing techniques and learn about customer preferences. Then they use it to nurture leads, adjust pricing, time promotions and manage sales opportunities.

Advantages of CRM software

Because the relationship with each customer can be so complex, no single user in sales or marketing management can grasp all relationships without CRM software. Customer relationship management entails pulling together documents, sales data and details about leads so users can get their hands around them. CRM is the detailed process of sifting through mountains of data to find solutions to sales and marketing problems, and CRM software makes it possible.

CRM especially benefits lead management. The practice of customer relationship management educates companies in how customers like (and do not like) to do business with them. They can use CRM software to measure and analyze their sales and marketing processes, then optimize those processes to capture more leads.

Der richtige Zeitpunkt

Most companies grow to a point at which they realize that an ordinary sales database filled with leads will not suffice for long-term growth. They turn to CRM software once they feel the need to switch from simple sales and marketing techniques to full customer relationship management. Through CRM, they can gain actionable insights, use predictive analytics, improve their sales operations and make their customer service more personal by seeing the company's history of interactions with each customer.

The best CRM solutions are based on an open API for extensibility and in the cloud for Internet access from anywhere. CRM software scales from small businesses up to medium-sized companies (SMBs) and to enterprises beyond. They provide usability at all levels, from the day-in-day-out application user to the casual salesperson or user in upper management who is interested in only the occasional glance at a dashboard.

Some CRM products are free, which can be a good entry point to the world of CRM. But "free" does not usually mean "free forever." All CRM software requires customization to fit each company's special processes and tasks, and most free products place the burden of customization on the company itself. Does the vendor provide customer service? Does the product integrate with other products or work in a silo? How often does IT management have to get involved with the software? CRM software is not a guarantee of more customers or sales, but at least it should not create more problems than solutions.

CRM software from Zendesk

Software from Zendesk is built for CRM from the ground up. Thousands of companies use Zendesk for a complete CRM landscape that includes multichannel customer service, knowledge base, self-service, live chat, integrated call center, social media, analytics, reporting and campaigns. Zendesk makes management of the relationship with all customers easier by turning users into experts. It provides companies with the analytics and reports they need to provide better customer service and convert more leads into sales.

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