Help Scout Alternative

Help Scout alternative

We believe that working together is better
Emails, portals, and dashboards are no way to manage your customer queries. It's time to get personal. No one denies customer success depends social media—customers are quick to pick up their phone to compare, complain, ask questions, and give kudos. They expect real-time, feature rich, self-service, and gamification that's integrated into the way they live.

Knowing the difference

Zendesk Support makes it easy to track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets. Hu-man-fi-cation if you will. Support is an alternative to Help Scout that is beautifully simple yet amazingly robust.

Support has been built from the ground up with one single goal. Make it right. And we're pretty proud of it. We use our own products with you, our customer, and along with our strong analytics, it help us understand what works and what doesn't.

Our single interface helps agents overcome barriers that have haunted their dreams for the last century. Full integration of your favorite marketplace apps and business tools, like Salesforce, Office 365, Dropbox, Jira, to Zendesk provide automation and lower cost of operation without comparison.

What does beautifully simple hu-man-fic-ation look like?

Zendesk streamlines operations with time-saving tools to get straight to what matters most—better customer support and more meaningful conversations.

Build trust by extending your hand

Turn customer reviews, comments, and messages into dynamic two-way conversations. Offer responsive, personalized support on the channels they prefer. And, instead of forcing your customer to hunt around or leave your website for help, deliver the help they need, before they ask.

Read their minds and amaze their souls

See what your customer did on their own before submitting a ticket, including web page views, knowledge base searches and articles read. Funnel the ticket to the right agent, make private notes, collaborate, and provide a customer experience that speaks directly to their souls.

Zufriedene Agenten = zufriedene Kunden

Agents can access all activity and relevant data from a single interface — even from their mobile device, making it easy for teams to track customer conversations and pick up where they left off. Every mailbox, dashboard, android app, analytics program is connected all in one place.

Explore Support, free, to decide which customer service alternative to Help Scout is right for you.

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