CRM for software and technology companies

Zendesk Sell provides software and technology sales teams with the tools and insights they need to grow sales.

Balance productivity and personalization with our CRM for software companies. Tools like custom notifications and email templates with merge tags help reps work efficiently while still adding a personal touch. Managers can define sales pipelines and processes that actually work and create insightful sales reports from customer activity and communication data.

Email templates & custom notifications

Send personalized emails at scale with a simple tap using pre-built templates and merge tags. Receive alerts when key events occur, like when a prospect opens an email, and take the right action at the right time.


Definieren und optimieren Sie die nötigen Schritte für das Verschieben von Geschäften in die jeweils nächste Pipeline-Phase.

Reporting & API integration

Better understand your business and identify missed opportunities with pre-built integrations and a secure, open API.

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Machen Sie es wie mehr als 5.000 führende Unternehmen und entdecken Sie, was Sell für Ihren Vertrieb tun kann