Tag Locker

Manage and limit the tags that agents or admins can use on tickets

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Tag Locker is an app that allows an administrator to manage and limit which tags can be used by agents or administrators on tickets. With this app, administrators and agents can do the following:

  • Disable the native "Tags" field on tickets
  • Configure a set of tags agents can add or remove from tickets
  • Configure an additional set of tags for only administrators to use
  • View a list of available tags and add them to the ticket
  • Search and add tags using an autocomplete feature
  • Remove existing tags from tickets which are present in the configured set of tags
  • Allow administrators to override the app's settings and use any tags
  • Map list of available tags to certain groups. This ensures designated groups of agents are only able to use a subset of tags.
  • Map required closing tags to various groups. This ensures that designated groups of agents must have specific tags before they can close the ticket.

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