Client Contact Form

Client contact form

Imagine reaching out and starting a conversation, offering support, or even providing additional information all within your website or mobile app.

Zendesk Embeddables allow this with a client contact form and much more both on Android and iOS devices. Zendesk also helps you maintain that brand consistency so you can increase the efficiency of support interaction while customers stay within your native app or product experience. This benefits you both in the long-term with continued shopping or gaming, and with your customer service reputation overall.

Was ist neu?

Customers shouldn’t research their own technical issues. Zendesk Embeddables automatically generate information about what version of the app or device was being used when the issue occurred. Put yourself ahead of the curve and quickly get to the root of support inquiries with Zendesk.

Von den Vorteilen profitieren

Three areas Zendesk can help your customer service improve upon are:
  • Mobile SDK - Put support right into your app easily with simple integration and customize to your brand image
  • Web Widget - Customers will stay on your website when you add support in a combination of basic client contact forms, knowledge base searches, or Zendesk Chat
  • Zendesk API - With the Zendesk REST API, developers can go further with more freedom and advanced customization by building from scratch the native support experience you want in any device, product, or application

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