Customer journey optimization

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The customer experience is no longer limited to a single interaction. Today, the customer experience is an extended process that spans the lifetime of a customer’s relationship with your business. These relationships can last for the length of one phone call or many years. That’s why making each touchpoint of the customer experience satisfying is an imperative facing organizational leaders. And that's where Zendesk Connect comes in.

Connect brings businesses and customers closer together

We start by helping companies provide great support. Zendesk is a customer service platform that is designed for companies who want to create more meaningful, personal, and productive, customer relationships. Including self-service and proactive engagement.

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Supporting today’s customers requires an “all hands on deck” approach. Customer service is no longer siloed from the rest of the company—or at least it shouldn’t be. Be more proactive, engaging, and transparent than ever before and providing that kind of support requires input and assistance from other customer-facing teams

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Whether it’s sales, billing, professional services, customer success, marketing, or a product development team, each team has a hand in interacting with the customer, and the more you can capture all those interactions in the same place, the more cohesive the customer experience.

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